Save Up To 30% Annually On Your Water Bill !!!
You've taken the right steps to conserve energy and save money on your electric and gas bill. Now it is time to save money on your water bill and it all begins with an Irrigation Audit. Adopting water-savvy habits not only helps reduce waste, it promotes healthier lawns and landscapes. There are a variety of techniques that can be used to decrease your water usage and put you on the forefront of  water efficiency standards. These include the following:
Add “smart” technology:  Smart technology refers to irrigation devices that adjust your watering schedules without direct input from you. Climate-based controllers or adding a Solar Sync device to your existing controller will adjust your watering schedules based on weather conditions which will have an impact on water usage.

Have a rain sensor installed:  The sensor can be added to almost any system and will automatically override the settings to prevent watering when it rains. 

Install MP Rotators:  Some of your old sprinklers may be replaced with MP Rotators which will increase water droplet size and reduce atomization and minimize evaporative water loss.

Add a pressure regulator:  Incorrect water pressure can cause conditions such as “atomization”.  Atomization occurs when water is turned into vapor rather than droplets due too much water pressure.  Most misted water drifts away. Adding a pressure regulator will increase the water droplet size which creates less drift, applies the water to the targeted plant or surface, and reduces watering times. 

Install check valves:  Check valves installed on slopes prevent water from draining downhill and flooding around lower sprinklers.
With these water saving options in mind, Paramount Landscape is offering a service to assess the current status of your irrigation system and to determine the needs of your landscape:

 The Audit will include: 

· Inspecting for broken, mis-aligned, and sunken heads, mixed typed nozzles (rotors and popups on same zone), clogged nozzles and leaks. 

· Recording your static pressure at the house and the actual gallons of water applied for each zone.

· Checking the operation of your rain sensor.

· Electrical test of all valves.

· Programming controller to provide the proper water requirements for the plants.

· Writing a report outlining the recommended changes to your system.

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For information and programming instructions for the Hunter Pro-C Controllers  Click Here
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