Maintenance Services

Mowing: Professionally trained crews mow your lawn on a regular schedule that you set. Each visit includes mowing using the appropriate size mower with regularly maintained blades to create a clean cut which ensures straight lines without damage to your lawn. A clean line is maintained by trimming all edges such as your homes foundation, retaining walls, fencing, plant bed edging, mail boxes. Edging is completed at street, sidewalk, curb and driveway to create a clean line along the concrete. Debris is blown from the street, driveway, sidewalks, patios, and out of any planting beds.


On-demand Mowing: Don't want a contract, you don't need one with Paramount. Control your schedule and the types of services you want performed. No monthly contract on the type or frequency of services received. Just call in and request a service. We will be out within 48 hours or less to complete the work. Reasons to use On-Demand Lawn MaintenanceGoing on vacation, lawn mower broken, unable to mow own lawn, too hot to mow, the kid down the street is going to college soon.

Landscape bed maintenance: Landscape beds will be maintained to ensure a clean well groomed look free of weeds. A chemical is applied to safely reduce weed growth with break through weeds manually removed.

Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Control Applications: Turf grasses must be properly fertilized to maintain the right color, thickness, and health. A well-fed grass recovers quickly from stress and is more aggressive against weeds. As with all living things, proper nutrition is important to prevent diseases and insects. The major nutrients needed for quality lawns are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and iron. Importance of proper Lawn Nutrition.

A well-timed program is the foundation of a healthy, green lawn and helps prevent weeds and turf disease A licensed chemical applicator applies chemicals at appropriate intervals to fertilize and control weeds in the lawns.

The service is Guaranteed and the applicator will return as often as necessary to provide a green, weed free lawn. Six Steps to your Satisfaction.

Tree, Shrub and insect treatments also available


Guard Dog Lawn Protectant: Protect Grass from Pet Urine Stains, no more yellow spots. Fix dog urine spots on your lawn as they occur or prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Safety: Guard Dog is made with organic compounds and non-pathogenic bacteria. Guard Dog is safe for your lawn, children, and pets.


Core Aeration and Over-seeding: Core Aeration creates small holes (plugs) into your turf which allows deeper penetration of moisture, oxygen, and nutrients which encourages stronger root growth. It also breaks up thatch, which discourages water absorption and root growth. Fall is the best season for lawn renovation because weather conditions are favorable and weed competition is less of a problem than in spring. We complete the process with an over seeding using a custom blend of fine blade fescue or bluegrass seed (at a slightly higher price). The most important step you can take to ensure a great lawn next year is renovating in the fall. Aeration and over seeding can solve common problems of bare spots, thatch buildup and soil compaction. Our lawn renovation includes, flagging of irrigation sprinkler heads, cross-direction aeration (which creates about 9 holes per square foot vs. normal aeration which creates only 5), and over seeding.

Aerating Your Lawn, Matthew J. Fagerness, Kansas State University, January, 2001

Shrub Pruning: Professional removal of part of the shrub within the optimal timeframe to stimulate blooming and improve growth. Shrubs are pruned according to their natural growing habits.

Trees: Professional Pruning or removal including stump grinding if requested.

Mulch / Re-mulch: Original installation or renewal of dyed brown mulch to protect soil and plant roots with the desired aesthetic in landscape beds. Mulch protects your soil and plant roots. Benefits of mulch is retention of soil moisture, reduction of soil temperature extremes and inhibition of weed growth.

Seasonal Color: Design and installation of perennials or bulbs to provide color throughout the growing season.

Spring and Fall Lawn Clean-up: Removal leaves and debris from your lawn and landscape beds.

Additional Maintenance Services: Sod Installation, grading, drainage resolutions, french drain installation

Warranty: Full one year warranty on all plant materials from date of installation.

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