1. Position description: The Landscape Maintenance Technician must have a positive, can-do attitude, be an eager learner, be conscious of safety requirements, work effectively as a team member, dress appropriately, be punctual, and follow all instructions given by the Landscape Maintenance Crew Leader.
  2. Reports to: The Landscape Maintenance Technician reports directly to the Landscape Maintenance Crew Leader.
  3. Skill set and educational requirements: The Landscape Maintenance Technician must possess the following skill set and educational background:
  4. No previous landscape maintenance experience needed.
  5. Minimum of a high school diploma or GED.
  6. Possess clean driver’s license and must be insurable on company’s insurance policy. (Preferred)
  7. Have a clean criminal record.
  8. Legal documentation to verify employment eligibility.
  9. Physically able to handle the work load of a Landscape Maintenance Technician.
  10. Have full range of mobility in upper and lower body.
  11. Able to lift 50 pounds without assistance.
  12. Have reliable transportation to/from work.
  13. Responsibilities:
  14. Follows all instructions given by the Landscape Maintenance Crew Leader.
  15. Thoroughly understands and complies with company policy and safety manual.
  16. Reports any/all unsafe conditions or accidents.
  17. Properly and safely operates equipment.
  18. Works in a safe manner and reports any/all unsafe conditions to foreman and/or supervisors.
  19. Reports to work on time.
  20. Is a willing learner who seeks to master the basic skills of landscape maintenance.
  21. Reports to work in a clean, appropriate uniform and wearing the appropriate boots.
  22. Able to communicate with supervisor in a timely and thorough manner.
  23. Completes assigned tasks efficiently, thoroughly, and per company production rates.
  24. Continuing education requirement: minimum of 5 hours per year.
  25. Salary, bonus, and/or commissions: Commensurate with experience ($14.00 to $15.00 per hour).
  26. Success factors:
  27. Works hard and listens to all instructions given him or her by the Maintenance Foreman or Leadman.
  28. Punctual.
  29. Eager to learn.
  30. Pays attention to detail.