1. Position description: The Irrigation Service Lead/Manager must be thoroughly familiar with and able to perform all aspects of commercial and residential irrigation service to include: estimating, production, scheduling, customer service, training, etc. The Irrigation Service Lead/Manager directly oversees up to Five Service Technicians while interfacing with clients, subcontractors. and suppliers. The Irrigation Service Lead/Manager must keep the CEO, Owner(s), or GM apprised of progress (or lack thereof) on all accounts while coordinating with Service Technicians. The Irrigation Service Lead/Manager also interfaces with company Sales, Estimating, Human Resources, and Accounting personnel.
  2. Reports to: The Irrigation Service Lead/Manager reports directly to the CEO, Owner(s), or GM depending on the structure of the company.
  3. Skill set and educational requirements: The Irrigation Service Lead/Manager is a WORKING Foreman and when fully trained will possess the following skill set and educational background:
  4. Minimum of three years of experience in commercial and/or residential irrigation service.
  5. Have a high school diploma or GED.
  6. Be a Certified Backflow Protection Assembly Tester in KS & MO
  7. Able to supervise up to five service technicians simultaneously.
  8. Able to effectively train field technicians.
  9. Possess valid driver’s license and must be insurable on company’s insurance policy.
  10. Have a clean criminal record.
  11. Possess excellent computer skills.
  12. Proficient in or able to learn customer relationship management (CRM) scheduling software.
  13. Proficient in or able to learn company GPS tracking system.
  14. Proficient in or able to learn how to effectively operate company’s GPS location system.
  15. Proficient in or able to learn how to effectively operate company’s handheld scheduling hardware.
  16. Proficient in or able to learn company estimating software.
  17. Proficient in both oral and written communications.
  18. Bilingual in Spanish and English. (Preferred)
  19. Proficient in MS Word and MS Excel.
  20. Proficient in typing and capable of typing 30 WPM with fewer than three mistakes.
  21. Able to represent the company in a courteous and professional manner.
  22. Responsibilities:
  23. Continually informs and updates company CEO, Owner(s), or GM of service status (or lack thereof).
  24. Continually coordinates with company Service Technicians as to service status (or lack thereof).
  25. Oversees the work of up to Five Service Technicians simultaneously.
  26. Oversees the work of Service Scheduler.
  27. Ensures Service Scheduler and Service Technicians coordinate job details on a daily basis.
  28. Ensures that all servicing is kept on schedule and on budget.
  29. Ensures that all safety procedures are followed and reports any unsafe conditions to appropriate personnel.
  30. Ensures all accidents are properly documented and reported immediately.
  31. Ensures all workers’ compensation insurance claims are properly documented and reported immediately.
  32. Trains technicians to look for extras and converts them into work orders when appropriate.
  33. Ensures all work orders are processed correctly.
  34. Interfaces with subcontractors as necessary.
  35. Interfaces with suppliers to ensure timely and accurate delivery of service parts.
  36. Ensures that company production standards are met.
  37. Ensures that all equipment is operated in a safe and proper manner.
  38. Ensures that all equipment is maintained properly and preventatively maintained (PMd) daily.
  39. Evaluates equipment utilization and recommends future purchases to CEO, Owner(s), or GM.
  40. Ensures that vendor delivery tickets and all paperwork are processed and turned in daily.
  41. Ensures that job cost reports are properly analyzed and disseminated to Service Technicians.
  42. Thoroughly understands and complies with company policies, procedures, and SOPs.
  43. Assists in the development and implementation of the production part of company’s strategic plan.
  44. Assists in the development, implementation, and achievement of company’s annual budget goals.
  45. Assists in the development and implementation of the production part of company’s training goals.
  46. Develops training plan and trains field crews.
  47. Evaluates performance of Service Technicians and helpers.
  48. Able to read and install irrigation plans.
  49. Receives and reviews all job daily field reports for accuracy and thoroughness and forwards to Accounting Department.
  50. Is certified in CPR and First Aid.
  51. Continuing education requirement: minimum of 10 hours per year.
  52. Salary, bonus, and/or commissions: Commensurate with experience ($35,000 to $42,000 annually).
  53. Success factors:
  54. Is a high-energy individual capable of supervising up to ten irrigation service technicians.
  55. Is organized in all areas (personal office space, field operations, company yard space, job sites, etc.).
  56. Leads by example.
  57. Presents himself or herself in a professional manner.
  58. Initiates action when needed.
  59. Is self-motivated.
  60. Requires minimal supervision.