Water is vital for our lawn to be able to grow and thrive, but if we have too much water it can cause some serious problems. Have too much water can damage your lawn, patio, retaining walls, and the foundation of your beautiful home.


Drainage Problems

If you have yard drainage issues and water pooling in your yard those pools of water can actually kill your grass and become a breeding ground for mesquitoes. This can also become an eye sore for both you and your nieghbors. Water can creat issues like mold, mildew, and cracked walls in your basement by pooling close to your home and seeping in to your basement or the surrounding area.



Paramount Landscape has the knowledge and years of experience to alleviate these drainaige issues. We eliminate any grading that have developed towards your home by sloping the yard away from your homes foundation. This helps the water to run in a natural direction towards a local stream or sewer preventing pooling of water. Other options for your drainage solutions include creating a rain garden. A rain garden is planted lower than your normal grade and the slope of your yard is meticulously calculated to allow water to flow to the rain garden. Native shrubs, perennials and flowers are planted in the garden to help absorb the excess water. Rain gardens allow for 30% more water to soak into the ground. A rain garden is NOT a pond or a wetland. Rain gardens are dry most of the time and they are created to drain rain water with in 12-48 hours. This prevents mesquitoes from breeding in any standing water.


Every time it rains, water runs off impermeable surfaces, such as roofs or driveways, collecting pollutants such as particles of dirt, fertilizer, chemicals, oil, garbage, and bacteria along the way. The pollutant-laden water enters storm drains untreated and flows directly to nearby streams and ponds. The US EPA estimates that pollutants carried by rainwater runoff account for 70% of all water pollution.

Rain gardens collect rainwater runoff, allowing the water to be filtered by vegetation and percolate into the soil recharging groundwater aquifers. These processes filter out pollutants.


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