Our team of licensed irrigation technicians are educated and understand how to keep your irrigation running effectively and efficiently.


Spring start-up service consists of coming to your home to turn-on, assess, review, and program your home sprinkler system for the upcoming season. We perform a very extensive checklist to ensure your sprinkler system is ready for the year.

Services we provide at your spring start-up:


  • Check lines for leaks or breaks
  • Check all heads for leaks or functionality issues
  • Align & aim all heads
  • Discuss any findings and repairs that that need to be addressed
  • Talk with any concerns you may have

Once your spring turn on and all repairs are made to your system your sprinkler system will be ready to go for the year! If you feel there is something wrong with your system just give us a call HERE and we will get one of our professional licensed technicians out to you as soon as possible. They will discuss with you any repairs they have found and do their best to fix or replace during the same visit.

View our recommended irrigation watering schedule for Kansas City.


Fall winterization or a Blow-out of your system is done by connecting a high-volume air compressor to your irrigation system. The purpose of doing this is to make sure there is no water in your system that can freeze, expand, and eventually break the pipe which damages your system.


Contact us HERE to schedule an appointment

Your appointment will take anywhere from 15-30 minutes and your system will be safe for the winter months!