Proper watering is the major key to success in establishing your new seed.  The seed bed must be kept moist to ensure good grass seed germination.  The goal is to keep the soil moist at all times, not soaked, until the new seed is established.

Begin watering immediately.  A thorough gentle watering initially is essential to a good start followed by light frequent watering.  (Light frequent watering is preferred to deep watering)  It is best to water two times per day during the initial 3-4 weeks, once in the morning and once in the late afternoon.  Seed will germinate in approximately 10-14 days. (See table below for approximate watering times)

Once seed begins to sprout, the top inch or so of soil should never be allowed to dry out until the new grass plants are well established.  If the soil is allowed to dry out the new seedlings could die.  Once the new grass has become established, 4-6 weeks, you can return to the normal watering schedule.  The objective changes to deeper watering once the grass has germinated.

If Paramount does not mow your property, avoid bagging when you mow for at least one week (longer if possible).  Continue to mow at your normal height for the remainder of the season.  Be careful of turns with the mower as the young grass is tender and shallow rooted.

Recommended Watering Times (2-3 times per day)

Small Radius Mist Heads       5-8       Minutes

Large Radius Heads               10-15   Minutes

MP Rotating Heads                10-15   Minutes


If you have any questions concerning this service or these recommendations, please contact us at (913) 375-1697.